Bracelet with Peridot and Garnet

Bracelet with Peridot and Garnet
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Artfire is Implementing New and Wonderful Things Soon

As part of the Maven Team at I was fortunate to be able to test drive some new studio features that I think are spectacular!

With this new upgrade members will be able to click and drag their shop items in whatever order they want, and it is quite simply click and drag, and SAVE.  You will also be able to move products from say page i to page nine, you can move all of your earrings or baby buntings to be all on one page, for crying out loud!

These two capabilities are going to be such timesavers, and will allow us to be shift our listings based on how what we think needs front row seating for that day, or for that week.

I for one am thrilled with all the new changes here at Artfire, and do feel as a seller, that my concerns are being heard and addressed.

Holy Smokes!

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