Bracelet with Peridot and Garnet

Bracelet with Peridot and Garnet
Fine Silver

Precious Metal Clay Becomes Jewelry

Sunday, March 21, 2010

HAF Featured Artist for March 21 through 28 LTDBeads

"There's still a box out in my garage, labeled "Joan's Stones". I collected them as a child − and started beading not long after, making rosaries for the missions".

This is a quote of a lady after my own heart, beads and jewelry start out as a fascination for a lot of us from early on.  And I think that making jewelry is an expression of your personality in a lot of ways, it certainly is an expression of talent.  Joan has a boat load of talent and from what I hear from other HAF members a pleasant and helpful nature as well.  She has a great knowledge base on beads and gemstone that she shares with us on her website and she has an Artfire Shop at and an Etsy shop as well LTDBeads

I am proud to be featuring Joan, even as a Jewelry Artisan myself, I find my self coveting some of her jewelry!

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  1. Your work is gorgus!! The music on my site is a mixture of songs by artsists I love i.e Eva Cassidy, Pink Martini, Carla Bruni and a few Christian artists. If you scroll to the bottom of my page you can see the list and perhaps you might like to make your own list by following the link - I don't mind if you choose the same songs :) blessings, Violet